When we think about CryptoCurrency, not only do we see the potential for financial gain, we see equal opportunity and freedom from corruption. We see the world at a crossroads, using technology to bring forward a new revolution and the ability to challenge our faulty financial system. The blockchain technology driving CryptoCurrency is only the beginning of endless possibilities.

"Novu (s, au, m) adj. - new;  young, fresh, recent" - Oxford Latin-English Dictionary

"Revolutionary adj. - Novarum rerum cupidus"  - Oxford English-Latin Dictionary

X - the current crossroad at which we stand

NovumX - The Revolution Is Here

Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunities

NovumX Inc. is a revolutionary firm specializing in cryptocurrency mining. The company has developed a robust cryptocurrency mining operation that is open to outside investment. Third-party digital prospectors are able to purchase mining rigs operated and maintained by NovumX in a secure facility. The owners of these rigs will gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market and a steady stream of income without the hassle of running the equipment themselves or the time commitment of familiarizing themselves with mining algorithms.

The Market

Cryptocurrency markets are extremely active and market capitalizations have increased exponentially over the past five years. We support a wide array of miners and the mining of hundreds of different alternative currencies beyond Bitcoin. Through rigorous trial and error, we have developed a proprietary mining strategy intended to maximize the value of crypto holdings while minimizing risk through diversification.


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