Energy Sector Mining Rig


   Our mining operations offer a full turn-key solution with all design, construction, and equipment setup handled by our in house team. NovumX’s design philosophy is insightfully considered as being a fully scalable option, with a relatively small footprint and high consistent energy consumption. Our specific design is built to handle our Canadian environment and offer significant advantages over our competitor's sea-can designs. Almost entirely automated, our operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with minimal on site personnel which will avoid disruption to our partner’s business operations.

Design Operations

We understand that site-specific facility designs and operations will require a collaborative effort between NovumX and our energy partner’s operations team. By leveraging our past experience, we are able to make this a painless process for our energy partners. By relying on the expertise of the founders, NovumX will ensure that only the very best electrical and power generation practices are put into place. A large focus is to protect the safety of all on-site personnel. The structure housing our operation will be designed to be compliant with todays modular facility demands and will be easily transportable. 

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 Cryptocurrency is a relatively new industry with many self-professed experts dangerously attempting to venture into oil and gas partnerships or large-scale construction projects. Sea-cans have been brought forward as proposed solutions, their designs however have shown to be inadequate for the Canadian environment.

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