New to CryptoCurrency?

There is a lot of information out there concerning cryptocurrency and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This page is a quick overview in regards to what we believe are key points for getting started in this space!

Informative Links


If you are new to Cryptocurrency, the first thing we suggest is signing up for a secure wallet. Click below to see a few of our favourites!


What is Block Chain Technology?

Still feeling confused about what technology is actually powering crypto? Check out this quick video to get a general overview.

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Market Trends

Follow the latest trends and Cryptocurrency market capitalizations on CoinMarketCap

Blockchain News

Visit CoinDesk for current news regarding digital currencies, and information on their underlying technologies.

The Secret Behind CryptoCurrency

Many people are starting to hear about what powers cryptocurrency, and it is not much of a secret, crypto's underlying technology is called Blockchain.
You can find documentaries, news articles, and many other online sources outside of this page, but for a general understanding we recommend this quick video!

Suggested Wallets


BlockChain wallet is the leader in Bitcoin wallets. Its system is user friendly with a reputation of being extremely secure. 

Cold Storage

We recommend the Trezor wallet for cold storage and peace of mind. Trezor offers advanced cryptography, reliable hardware, and a simple interface.


Use CoPay for increased accessibility, via multi-user capabilities. This program allows you to store multiple wallets in one!